Can You Take Me Higher?

March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was browsing through all the pretty pictures on Tumblr [follow my picture blog:] and once again my obsession for high waist shorts peaked. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect high waist shorts and sadly I haven’t found one. So here I am drooling over all the uber cool  high waist shorts these girls are sporting on Tumblr. I’m dying with envy!!!

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Summer is here and the days are just gonna get hotter and hotter. High waist shorts would be perfect for this weather! Pair it with a cropped top [don’t be shy!] and voila! The perfect summer outfit.

Some of you might be threatened to wear this style of shorts but don’t you fret! High waist shorts don’t just match the long and skinny body type [I’m not one of them, I have a bubble bootie hahaha]! It also fits the average girl body type. So with some research [and a lot of pretty pictures] I was able to score some tips on how to rock high waist shorts.

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If you’re torso is short or you have big boobies, go for a cut over your hip bones and not the cut that goes all the way up to the tiniest part of your waist.

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Want to have the illusion of long legs? Go short! My design and construction prof said that if you want to go long go short. The shorter the cut is the longer the illusion. Am I being redundant? Can’t stress it enough! 🙂 Some who are really daring show some bottom butt cleavage. I don’t think I could ever be that daring.

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Now let’s talk about the right top. Tuck in your tops ladies! This is the best way to rock these shorts. Others opt for cropped tops or  button down dress shirts [just like Audrey Hepburn!]. Button down dress shirts with high waist tops look sooo…class and I love it!

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Always make sure that the high waist shorts you get fit perfectly. If the fabric bunches up in some places, the shorts will look unflattering.

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