Colors Of Summer | Collection 1

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So The Feather Shop launched last week and we gave away prizes to lucky girls [and guys] hahaha. I’ll be posting below each design in the collection [and the price too]. And if you want to order anything just click on the order form and fill it out. 🙂


2 to 3 (depending on size) cool-toned feathers and one mermaid tail
 Price: Php499


Four [4] earth-toned feathers


[Red and Lime Green]
3 to 5 feathers per set depending on size


[Purple and Orange]
3 to 5 feathers per set depending on size


4 to 6 (depending on size) feathers in pink and purple shades


Three [3] earthy feathers and one [1] peacock feather


Four [4] feathers in warm tones of orange and pink

 So those are the designs for the first collection. Hope you like ’em! Below are the details of where and how you could place your order.

You could place your order through our multiply page:

Or you could place our order through our order form in our Facebook page:

Or send us an email at:

For inquiries through sms you could reach us at:

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***Important Note***
You may wash and blow dry all our feathers. We have variations of the feather hair extension designs for short hair and long  hair.


Porter Robinson

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Meet Porter my new puppy! He is the cutest thing ever. I’ve only had him for two days and he already responds to the name we gave him. He isn’t that noisy and he is very sleepy. Sleepy puppy. 😀 If I could I would squish him. But I won’t cause I don’t want him to get hurt. He’s a very smart baby. I think he’s not even a month old and he’s fat! 🙂 He has a big tummy. 🙂 And instead of barking, he laughs and whines at the same time. I know it’s hard to imagine but that’s the best description I could give for his bark. 🙂 



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So shortly after my high waist post, I got inspired to make a Polyvore set.

Check out my Polyvore:

Top – net-a-porter [Mara Hoffman printed modal-blend cropped tank]

Shorts –

Feather earrings –

Purple wedges – [Steve Madden Pammy]

Ring – [Kenneth Jay Lane Turquoise Round Cabochon Ring]

Bangles – [Pack 14 Pulseras Charms]

Can You Take Me Higher?

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I was browsing through all the pretty pictures on Tumblr [follow my picture blog:] and once again my obsession for high waist shorts peaked. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect high waist shorts and sadly I haven’t found one. So here I am drooling over all the uber cool  high waist shorts these girls are sporting on Tumblr. I’m dying with envy!!!

Photo credit:

Summer is here and the days are just gonna get hotter and hotter. High waist shorts would be perfect for this weather! Pair it with a cropped top [don’t be shy!] and voila! The perfect summer outfit.

Some of you might be threatened to wear this style of shorts but don’t you fret! High waist shorts don’t just match the long and skinny body type [I’m not one of them, I have a bubble bootie hahaha]! It also fits the average girl body type. So with some research [and a lot of pretty pictures] I was able to score some tips on how to rock high waist shorts.

Photo cred:

If you’re torso is short or you have big boobies, go for a cut over your hip bones and not the cut that goes all the way up to the tiniest part of your waist.

Photo cred:

Want to have the illusion of long legs? Go short! My design and construction prof said that if you want to go long go short. The shorter the cut is the longer the illusion. Am I being redundant? Can’t stress it enough! 🙂 Some who are really daring show some bottom butt cleavage. I don’t think I could ever be that daring.

Photo cred:

Now let’s talk about the right top. Tuck in your tops ladies! This is the best way to rock these shorts. Others opt for cropped tops or  button down dress shirts [just like Audrey Hepburn!]. Button down dress shirts with high waist tops look sooo…class and I love it!

Photo cred:

Always make sure that the high waist shorts you get fit perfectly. If the fabric bunches up in some places, the shorts will look unflattering.

Photo cred:

Fine Like A Feather

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So just last year Mia Ayesa and I came up with this brilliant idea: feather hair extensions. Yeah I know it’s not an original idea and its been really popular in the States and Europe but we couldn’t seem to find someone who does it here. So we were like: “hey! what if we bring feather hair extensions here!” Thus The Feather Shop was born!

Our first collection is gonna be launch on the 23rd of March which falls on a Friday. We have six designs to choose from. Each design is carefully crafted by picking the right color and textures.

Feather girl Sophia Guerrero

All our feathers though are shed and not plucked.

Feather girl Lauren Reid

All our feather hair extensions last for about a month, depending on how you maintain it. Feathers are like your hair, if you take care of it, it’ll look pretty. Yes, you could wash, blow dry and style your feathers!

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Shifty Shifty Shifty

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My first ever post and more importantly, my first ever blog! 🙂

So, I guess introductions first? My name is Alexandra Pierson. I live in Manila where I am currently a DJ (the club kind, not the radio kind), clothing and accessory designer, style addict and a really big dreamer. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never really pushed myself to do so. And another big factor for my blog creation delay is because I wasn’t able to replace my stolen Mac book. Not until last week! Yes!! I got a new laptop. Yay! 🙂 So, what else? Well, I have a very eclectic style. I don’t only stick to one. My style depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel bad ass and want to go with graphic tees, acid washed jeans and a leather (faux, mind you) jacket. On other days I feel all girly and I take the summer dress and ballet flats road. So you won’t expect to see me with one style only. I used to design jewelry five years ago and actually consigned it with a big company (cannot say which one) but then I got burnt out and kind of took a break from that. However, I’m missing the whole jewelry design process and I’m getting back in to it. I bought new materials and I’m gonna start next week!! 🙂

Today was the day I’ve been looking forward to for about two weeks already. The first day for my Design and Constructing Clothes class. And it was awesome!! 🙂 Our teacher, Aan Pineda is sooo amazing. I couldn’t believe how detailed and fast his lessons were. I mean we tackled a lot of topics in just four hours! But I must admit towards the last thirty minutes of class I was kind of zoning out. Was still so tired from my gig the night before. I’m so psyched with our class project. We each have to design and construct a shift dress! I cannot tell you enough how excited I am. We started on our mood boards (will post a picture probably tomorrow!) and I went for a  gold and copper and maroon and burgundy color scheme. I’m really thinking I’ll stick to this color scheme cause it seems so regal and classy.

A shift dress has a loose fit at the waist and a tight fit at the hips.

Victoria Beckham wearing a shift dress with smashing black booties.

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